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Dear friends and partners!

Vitebsk is one of the most ancient Slavonic cities, a major industrial hub, a city of developed industry, science and culture.

Every year Vitebsk grows larger, changing and attracting an ever increasing number of investments. The economic and political stability, creation of favorable terms for manufacturing development, reducing risks are what makes our region attractive to investors.

We are open to mutually beneficial partnership. Cooperation, innovations and investments make up the strategy for developing the city. We treat private business and state-run organizations equally.

Effective operation of a company regardless of its ownership and decent salaries for Vitebsk residents are what matters. At present the share of private capital investments in the city exceeds 30%.

A lot has been done already and a lot more has yet to be done. A complex program for modernizing the city infrastructure and changing its architectural image has been launched.

Developing the city’s historical part is on the list of major projects. We will have to restore the Chagalls family estate and revive the historical environment in Pokrovskaya Street where the world famous painter Mark Chagall used to work.

Within two years eight entertainment facilities and active recreation zones will be created in parks. The large-scale development of residential districts continues.

We are ready to offer multiple cooperation scenarios to partners and are ready to consider new business ideas and proposals. You are welcome to visit the city of Vitebsk, a city of an inimitable aura and openness.

Here you will be able to make your ideas come true.


Vitebsk City Mayor
V.P. Nikolaikin


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